Feb 262014

The Retail Community Retail Project will be taking a close look at the very successful Plunkett Foundation Module detailed below.  As the Irish module is developed, this page will be updated.


The Plunkett Foundation

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The Plunkett Foundation has been helping rural communities through co-operatives and community-ownership to take control of the issues affecting them since 1919.

They focus on:

  • Helping predominantly rural communities to set up and run community-owned shops, co-operative pubs and community food enterprises
  • Supporting rural communities to establish a wide range of other co-operatives and community-owned enterprises
  • Advocating and raising awareness amongst policy makers, support organisations and rural communities themselves of the ability of rural communities to take control through co-operation and community-ownership of the issues affecting them
  • Championing and connecting rural co-operatives internationally.

The Plunkett Foundation finds the most effective ways for each generation to put into practice the values created by its founder, Sir Horace Plunkett.  These are:

  • We seek economic solutions to create social change
  • We seek solutions that enrich rural community life
  • We see self-help as the most effective way to tackle rural needs

Their charitable purpose is the alleviation of poverty and social exclusion in rural communities both nationally and internationally through the promotion and support of co-operatives and social enterprises .

The Plunkett Foundation is a organisation based in Oxfordshire, England.  Visit The Plunkett Foundation Website for a wealth of information and inspiration.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 11.42.57   Read their Better Business Report here or by clicking on the report icon at left.



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