Feb 262014

Loughmore Tea Rooms

Loughmore Community Shop & Tearooms Co-Operative is a charming community spot and was the first of it’s kind in Ireland.  This  facility has enhanced the lives of everyone in the community, offering a warm and welcoming place to enjoy their tearooms, purchase groceries, newspapers and locally produced foodstuffs from their shop or items from the Art Gallery & Craft selection.


Loughmore, Templemore,Tipperary

Telephone: +353 (0)504 35846+353 (0)504 35846

Crosspatrick Community Store


Crosspatrick, Co Kilkenny

 In Jan 2010, Crosspatrick’s only community shop closed with little notice.  This spurred ambitious and dedicated locals to raise money and form one of Kilkenny’s first community shops which is run completely by volunteers of all ages from the community.  Any proceeds go back into community enhancement such as supporting the painting of the school and community hall.  As one local lady stated, “All roads were leading out instead of in.  Crosspatrick has come together to offer a service for its own community to keep business local, provide community convenience and keep our community together.”

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