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What is the Rural Community Retail Project?

The Rural Community Retail Project is a LEADER Partnership Initiative.

It’s an all too familiar story; the village shop, post office, or pub, which was once the local convenient centre and social hub has been forced to close. A community is left wondering where to turn. Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) and LEADER partnership companies in Laois, North Tipperary and South Tipperary are working in a joint effort to address this growing social and economic situation and the impact it is having on Ireland’s rural communities. A number of communities are now viewing this loss as a call to action and are coming together to create an alternative: The Community Shop.

Whether it’s having to travel distances to buy basic groceries, finding it increasingly difficult to collect a pension or simply no longer having somewhere to meet and chat with neighbours – the financial, environmental and social impact of losing these retail services can be far reaching.

The Project will initially focus on:

  • Informing and enthusing community champions in the potential of Community Shops.
  • Influencing the politicians, public servants and media that shape public policy to support the Community Shop concept with funding, regulation and informed exposure.

" What we find is once a community has saved its shop, nothing on earth will make them give it up"


– Peter Couchman, Chief Executive of the Plunkett Foundation UK

‘It has actually given it back its heartbeat. There is now life in what was a dead village.’


– Mary Fogarty, Loughmore Co-Operative Shop and Tearooms.

‘We are sleepwalking ourselves into a situation where we have villages with absolutely no commercial entities’


– Bobby Kerr , Entrepreneur .

‘Living in areas where we can easily walk to get our daily needs brings people together on the street and mutual bonds of trust and caring form over time.’


– Professor Kevin M. Leyden, NUI Galway.

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Loughmore Tea Rooms Loughmore Community Shop & Tearooms Co-Operative is a charming community spot and was the first of it’s kind in Ireland.  This  facility has enhanced the lives of everyone in the community, offering a warm and welcoming place to enjoy their...

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Latest Shops 

Billys Tea Rooms

Billy’s tea rooms and shop is a very successful community shop in Ballyhale Co. Kilkenny which opened in July 2018.

The Cottage Loughmore

Loughmore Co-Operative Shop and Tearooms, opened in Co Tipperary in 2012. It was Ireland’s first co-operatively owned shop.

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08 Sep 2017

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08 Sep 2017

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Maecenas lectus purus, pulvinar sed rutrum id, laoreet cursus nibh. Duis eu purus at convallis vehicula.

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